Fireplace relaxation|Chiba







This house is for the clients who often work overseas.
We planned it to create an affluent time during they live in Japan. Bright places, dim light room. this house makes us feel the change of light in a day. The comfyliving room with a fireplace offers a relax time.

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On the photo | set fire, the act creates a gentle time. I feel a slow time beside the wood stove. The pale yellow wall is Italian stucco | Finished with random texture.

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Bottom photo | Bright and active solarium, as opposed to a dark wood stove. The visual connection with the outdoor space creates a resort feeling.



On weekends,      Barbecue outdoors.      The concrete-exposed furnace and deck provide a good connection to indoor dining and kitchen areas.

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別荘を創る|Resort style|Healing and relaxing|Weekend house|別荘感覚で創る