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Blue sky Void House|Shisui


そんな青い空を独り占めしたい。中庭型ではなく ソラに抜いた筒状の空間を楽しむ住宅。


Suburban land with open feeling. There is nothing to borrow around, but the blue sky is so clear. Clouds move and you can feel rain and snow. Not a courtyard type

A weekend house where you can enjoy the cylindrical space pulled out of Sora.



Prepare for summer sunshine and intense heat with deep eaves.




An open plan with little construction. There is a VOID where you can see the blue sky in the center of the room.



Facing the VOID and blow-out overlooking the blue sky, the second floor is configured in a square shape. Brightness and ventilation performance that do not feel the difference between north and south.



The bathroom follows the terrace, where you can enjoy water and garden play.


The second floor is a space for guests. A deep eave is hung on the terrace.



No partition is required for weekend houses. I can go round and round around the stairwell. Ceiling slits are provided for curtains.

別荘を創る|Resort style|Healing and relaxing|Weekend house|別荘感覚で創る

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